Hello, I'm Jon.

Design director, creative instigator, and user experience evangelist.

YouTube Kids

While serving as Creative Director at Chaotic Moon, my team crafted a brand and UX tablet concept around YouTube's upcoming mobile app, YouTube Kids. A 2-week turnaround meant rapid discovery and ideation, leaving the remaining time to bring our concept to life.

To move quickly, we focused in 3 critical areas: User research, brand design, and key user touchpoints. We leveraged the world's most renowned expert on child development, Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development to create our guiding principles.

Although the proposed design strategy was well received, YouTube eventually passed on our vision. It was an outstanding experience to present to the fantastic folks at YouTube and the Chaotic Moon team is immensely proud of our effort and outcome.

Play by TR

With so many properties under one umbrella, Caesars Entertainment needed a unified way for their guests to get the most out of their Caesars experience. As CD at Chaotic Moon, my team and I created Caesars' flagship mobile application to deliver just that.

Play by TR was designed to represent the Caesars brand experience across multiple providers and destinations. We distilled the diverse Caesars clientele into distinct user groups to map out an app that works for everyone.

The app provides a variety of features including booking, reservations, personal concierge services, and personalized offers. Flush with features, we delivered an intuitive experience through a beautiful user interface and simplified navigation system.


Chicago-based Rithmio asked me to help implement an update to their corporate identity. The startup, focused on the development of motion-tracking software for wearables, needed a way to communicate consistent usage of their brand collateral.

As the sole design lead, I worked closely with the Rithmio team to produce a comprehensive corporate brand guideline, including detailed language and instruction pertaining to logomark usage, typography, and brand tone and voice.

Additionally, Rithmio asked me to parlay their newly-defined brand requirements into a fresh, responsive website experience. The design update was then carried out by Rithmio's web development partner to pixel perfection.

Rithmio EDGE

Again Rithmio turned to my guidance and expertise in architecting a brand experience around their unnamed mobile and wearable application. The product would require a new name, brand identity, and website design, as well as a promotional video.

The product targets experienced workout enthusiasts needing a more robust feature-set than those currently offered in the wearable space. As a result, the new identity would need to appeal to their aspirations while differentiating itself from a large pool of competitors.

The Rithmio team and I worked diligently to explore multiple name and branding options, culminating in a strong and multi-faceted brand identity system. And as an added bonus, the collaboration helped to establish a solid client-vendor relationship that continues today.

Elevate Enterprise

I was approached by Dallas-based 900lbs of Creative to help produce an immersive touchscreen experience for their Fortune 50 client (hint: rhymes with "Due-let Rack-heard"). With a concept already established, 900lbs needed someone to bring their vision to life.

I worked as the sole Art Director and Lead Designer, fleshing out the touchscreen user flow and executing key visuals for the interface design. Together with my development partners, we crafted an impressive 11-foot interactive experience powered by Unity 3D.

The installation resides in a uniquely designed space which includes large overhead projection screens, powerfully rich surround sound, and LED accent lighting. The experience serves to showcase the Fortune 50 company's network of services.