YouTube Kids


YouTube Kids

YouTube approached Chaotic Moon to provide a brand and UX tablet concept around their upcoming mobile app, YouTube Kids. A short, 2-week turnaround meant rapid discovery and ideation, leaving the remaining time to bring our concept to life, pixel by pixel. Although the proposed design strategy was well received, YouTube eventually passed on our vision. It was a wonderful experience to present to the fantastic YouTube folks and the Chaotic Moon team is immensely proud of our effort and outcome.

Project: Tablet Concept

Client: Google/YouTube

Agency: Chaotic Moon

Role: Creative Director


Let's do some research.

For specific user insights, we quickly turned to the world’s most renowned expert on child development, Jean Piaget. We leveraged his theory of cognitive development to create guiding principles for our interface design.


It’s for kids, silly.

We wanted to establish a unique brand identity system to be playful and memorable for young users. We stayed true to the YouTube logo, evolving it to take on a more kid-friendly aesthetic with supporting iconography and brand voice to boot.


That moment when...

YouTube asked us to focus our attention on key moments of the user experience. This would help narrow our overall decision making, providing only snapshots of the user journey from start to finish.